I am a 32 year old married white female. I have been married only six months to an African American man. I grew up in suburbia, but have lived in Chicago for almost 8 years. My neighborhood of current residence is a gentrifying hipster neighborhood. I started my walk with Christ in my senior year of high school, devoting the better part of that year to student leadership at my church. I attended Bethel College outside of St Paul, Minnesota for one semester when I felt led by God to choose ministry and more diversity. That led me directly to three incredible years of inner city ministry where I watched God move powerfully. I started Philadelphia Biblical University in the fall of 2000 while working for a small urban church. Upon graduation with a Bachelors in Biblical Studies, I moved home to Illinois and then to Chicago. I have held a variety of jobs from community organizing to providing respite care for autistic children to account manager at a Fortune 500 company.

I believe God is good and has His hand on my life.  I believe He wants to interact with us on a daily basis, but I have been badly burned by distorted theology in a Charismatic church I attended for almost three years.  However, I found wonderful community there and have struggled to connect with new post college friends on such a deep level  I’ve worked in sales for a small Green Business for the past six years and am soon joining the multi-ethnic neighborhood church I have been attending for the past four years.  I  have worshipped in various denominations and with a wide range of ethnicities. I completed my MBA at a small B level grad school in December of 2010. I have yet to figure out how God wants me to use that. I also have a rare genetic disorder called Phenylketonuria, which affects me to a greater extent than I am sometimes willing to acknowledge.

I love to read, write, learn, run, bike, take classes at the gym, crochet, cook, travel, hang out by lakes, and spend time with people. I don’t like  Chicago much and living here often feels  like a burden. I still have much to learn about life.